Thursday, 3 January 2013

Urge Endur-o-Matic Review:

  • Great look (in a marmite kind of way)
  • Confidence inspiring amounts of protection
  • Comfortable (when fitted correctly)
  • Robust shell
  • Acquired looks (like marmite)
  • Questionable ventilation

I have been using the Urge Endur-o-Matic for a few weeks now, and in all honesty I'm completely in love with it and don't think I could use another helmet again. I have always been unimpressd by the level of protection offered by conventional XC style lids, and always craved something in between the good old 'piss-pot' dirt jump lid and an XC lid. This, in my opinion is exactly what the Endur-o-Matic is.  

It offers great amounts of protection and still manages to give relatively good ventilation, however it might be important to note that if you usually wear XC lids, you may not be impressed by the ventilation properties. I myself however would readily sacrifice a bit of ventilation for the protection and unique look offered by the Urge Endur-o-Matic.

To conclude, if you don't mind getting a bit of a sweaty head, want to look cool and desire maximum protection then choose the Urge. If not, go for a more traditionally ventilated helmet such as the 661 Recon or the Fox Flux.

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