Thursday, 3 January 2013

On-One Ultra Light CNC Stem Review:

  • Incredibly light
  • Great look
  • Comes in three colours
  • No noticeable flex
  • Reversable
  • Steerer tube clamping force questionable

My first impressions of this stem were that it seemed impressively light, in fact it is so light that I thought it might not be strong enough! I was also delighted when I realised that it can be inverted so that the stems rise could be used (upside down) to lower the stack height, this was very helpful to me because I haven't gotten around to cutting my steerer tube. 

Whilst riding with the stem I felt no noticeable flex, however I did manage to move the stem during a crash, this caused the headset to decompress forcing me to un-tighten and refit the stem. This may however be down to human error, I do not possess a torque wrench, so it is possible that I may not have tightened the steerer tube clamp correctly. It is also important to re-affirm that my steerer tube is of an undesirable length and this may have caused the problem.

Jedd's conclusion: The lightness of this stem really is astounding, it looks great and seems really nice and stiff, the ability to invert the stem is also a great feature! I'm sure that my issues with this product have were caused by human error, so just buy it, for £29.99 you cannot beat it! Well done to the On-One Crew!

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