Thursday, 3 January 2013

Endura Dexter Windproof Winter Glove Review:

  • Very 'dexter'ous for a winter glove
  • Warm
  • Genuinely windproof
  • silicon beads on braking finger
  • Bulky palm padding decreases connectivity and feel with the bike
I originally got these gloves for a coast to coast expedition (I was worried about getting cold hands), but after trying them on I realised that they were actually very comfortable and felt a lot like a race glove. However, the large gel inserts in the palm do detract from the overall racy feel of the glove. Although the gel inserts might be annoying on a short blast, i'm sure they will be a god send on a  long for the expedition. 

Jedd's conclusion: Great gloves, more dexterous than you would imagine but the large gel inserts in the palm may take some getting used too. 

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