Thursday, 3 January 2013

Shimano DX Clip-less Pedals Review:

  • Large surface area
  • Great connection
  • Bomb proof
  • Shimano quality
  • Not as pretty as some other all-mountain style clip-less pedals

These things are great! Mine have taken so many big hits, but they just keep working regardless. The plastic cage might put some people off, but it's robust and keeps the weight down to a minimum. The clipping action is as good as any Shimano SPD and is easily adjustable with an allen key. The larger surface area  means that, with practice, it can become possible to unclip and put your foot out moto style and then clip back in with ease. 

Jedd's conclusion: Amazing, nothing says I ride clipped in, but i'm hardcore like a pair of Shimano DX's! They're pretty cheap aswell! 

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