Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Broke My Shimano XT Rear Mech - 10 Speed: mountain-bike-equipment-reviews.blogspot.co.uk


I have snapped the cage on my Shimano XT Mech. I had a front and rear wheel washout on a slow piece of wet wooden boardwalk and the impact put a clean snap about 1/3 of the way down the inner cage. 

I'm not sure whether to be disappointed, I know this mech is not a super strong DH mech and I was very impressed with it's shifting action, but I was very surprised that it broke during such a slow speed crash. In hindsight I wish I had gone for the Shimano Zee mech as I'm not too fussed about weight, but I like my parts to be strong and reliable.

Moving on:

Because of funding issues I have decided to go for the SLX 10 speed rear mech as a replacement. I now have this fitted and i'm very happy with it so far, it looks a lot more robust than the XT mech (probably because its the all-mountain group-set) and seems to have a nice sleek shifting action. 

I will review the SLX more thoroughly in the future, hopefully breaking your mech is a rare occurrence. 

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