Friday, 4 January 2013

On-One 456 Summer Season Review:

  • Slack head angle giving amazing downhill stability
  • Compliant steel flex in the rear
  • Looks amazing
  • Made in Yorkshire
  • Incredibly good value (you can get a frame new for under £150)
  • They only come in mad colours
  • Non-replaceable dérailleur hanger
  • Could be considered heavy
  • Doesn't have the steep seat tube angle found on the likes of the Ragley Blue-Pig
I use this bike for everything, I've got it set up with a sector air fork and 1x10 gearing and I can get up all but the steepest climbs whilst still being able to descend like i'm on a free-ride bike. Whilst ascending, all that is required is a slight shift forward on the saddle in order to keep the nose down. 

The handling characteristic are generally wonderful, it  rides so predictably on rough descents and never fails to put a huge smile on your face. I think I could keep up with most of my friends full suspension bikes on all but the most technical of DH tracks.

I'm actually so confident of the versatility of this bike that I am going to doing a St. Bees to Robin Hoods bay expedition on it, and for the money you cant beat it! £130 for a frame that can do it all! (On-One only sell the 456 EVO now, but it is very similar, I think it just has a slightly steeper head angle)

Jedd's conclusion: Amazing do it all, all mountain hard-core hard-tail! 

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